The first radio here is a 1929 Temple HiBoy. It has a 14 inch speaker. This is simply a beautiful piece of furniture that you can listen to. It plays quite well. It’s now in the Charles Hall Museum in Tellico PLains, TN.

On the left is a 1929 Atwater Kent model 60. Here again is a beautiful piece of furniture, and it plays. This one is also in the museum for all to see.

On the right is an early 1930’s grandmother size clock. But, it also has a Silvertone radio built in as well. So, here’s another nice piece of furniture that serves as a clock, which is electric, but you can also listen to the radio.

On the left is a 1932 Silvertone lowboy. I bought this one completely restored. The cabinet was restored to perfection. A real beauty.

To the right is a Silvertone, model 4586A. Someone brought this one to me to fix a minor problem in the chassis. This was a model I wanted (whereas I collect mostly Silvertones), and I had a really nice Philco for sale, so we traded. I didn’t put that grill cloth on, it came to me that way. Otherwise, it’s in terrific shape. I love the big gold dial. This was one of the best chassis ever in a Silvertone. This is about a 1938 model.

To the left is a 1941 Zenith. The grill cloth has a couple of stains, but otherwise, this piece is in really good condition. It has a built in swivel antenna and receives AM and short wave bands. It has 6 tone controls on the left and 6 station presets on the right. This radio receives stations like no other I have and sounds great too.

On the right is a 1941 Philco, model 41-285. It’s just beautiful to look at and boy, does it sound good. It also has AM and shortwave bands with 7 station presets. This one has a variable tone control.

To the left is an American Bosch model 460 from about 1934/35. It’s a cool piece with the hinged door that comes down to cover the dial and controls when not in use. It has AM and shortwave bands with tone control.

Here’s a cool drop leaf table that you can listen to. It has a Bendix model 646A radio built into it. So, here you go, the function of a useful table that you can also listen to. You just don’t see this stuff anymore.