This is an Edison Standard Phonograph model A cylinder player that I converted to play both 2 and 4 minute cylinders. This is about a 1902 model. It's in great shape physically and cosmetically. I was lucky enough to have a friend that let me have his 2/4 minute conversion gears and model H reproducer, so now it plays all Edison cylinders. Want to hear it play? click here.

This is an Edison Amberola 30 cylinder player. This one was made around 1915 and plays only the Amberol cylinders which were mostly blue in color and all were 4 minute. The Amberolas use a diamond stylus which will destroy the earlier wax cylinders that the above players play. Amberola cylinders tend to swell or warp from the inside material, so it's harder to get good amberol cylinders. If you'd like to listen to it playing, click here.

This is a Columbia wind up lowboy console phonograph model 602. It's one of the three Viva-Tonal models introduced in 1927. The Viva-Tonals were a big improvement over their other models. This one was the mid model costing $90.00 back in 1927. It's in really nice condition and plays well.

On the left is an RCA Victor windup portable victrola. I can't find a model number on it anywhere. Maybe on the inside? Anyway, it plays loud and clear. Actually sounds phenominal.

On the right is a Silvertone portable windup. Can't find a model number on it either. Plays good, but not as loud as the RCA. But, I collect Silvertone products mainly.