This is one from the 1950's Silvertones. The cabinet is in great shape.

This is a Silvertone model 15 from the 1950's. The cabinet is in great shape.

This is a Silvertone model 2014 from the 1950's. The cabinet on this one is also in great shape.

This is a SIlvertone model 3004 from the 1950's. Other than part of the Silvertone name being missing, this one is in great shape also.

I think this model may be a bit rarer than most because it's valued rather high and I haven't seen many of them. It's a small radio, came with a long wire antenna, made in 1954. Odd to not have a built in antenna, I thought. This radio is in great shape. Made of modern plastic.

This is a Silvertone model 7021 from 1947. The grill behind the cloth was painted silver and put in front. This radio is in the museum.

This is a Silvertone model 3351 from 1939. It's known as the candy cane.

This is a Silvertone model 9022 from 1949. This is a very early am and fm model. I love the styling on this one.

This is a Dewald am and fm model C-800 from 1949. This radio is in excellent condition and is in the museum.

This is a Puritan model made by the Pure Oil Corp. It's about a 1947 model. This radio is in the museum.

This is an RCA model 56x10 from 1945. It has am and shortwave bands. This radio is in the museum.

This is a late 1950's coral pink Silvertone model 7012. This model featured twin speakers.

Here's a favorite of mine. Not sure of the date, but could be late 50's. It was made to have this lamp attached. When it comes time to wake up, the lamp comes on, the tubes warm up, and the radio starts playing. I use it everyday and love it. It's a Silvertone model 2018.

This a Silvertone model 6 from the early 1950's. Nice simple AM set.

Here's an early AM/FM set from Silvertone. It's a model 8024 made in 1949.

This is a model 6012 Silvertone made in 1947. It has a carry handle, but it's not a portable AC/DC.

This is a Silvertone model 9001 made in 1949. This was made for the not so fortunate people of the times.

Here's the same radio after my custom repaint. It's much nicer to look at now.

This one is a battery operated farm radio Silvertone model 6200 made in 1946.

I'm not sure of the date of this Admiral, I'll guess around 1950. It's model CT10 C-N. It didn't come to me this color, it was ivory and rather drab looking. So, I went to Home depot for some paint and this is the result.

This is a Federal model 1040TB. I love this radio because of it's marbled ivory color. It's not catalin, just plain modern plastic, but nicer. It plays well too.

I don't know the model number of this Silvertone. I found it in a collector's barn that was chuck full of radios. I liked the design, so I bought it. The grill has gotten wavy from the heat over the years, but it's not too bad. It works great and has a tone control on the back.

This is a Silvertone AM and FM model 8020. I love the blue color and silver grill on this one. It was made in 1950.

I bought this Crosley, model E-15WE to restore electrically and sell. The cabinet is in almost perfect shape. I couldn’t sell it. No wonder I have so many radios.

Now here’s a cool radio. It has hangers on the back to hang it over the headboard of your bed. I just have it sitting on a shelf. It’s a Sonora model WCU-246 bed radio. It is AM only and has a built in light.

Here’s a pretty little Philco model 46-200 from 1948. It has AM and shortwave bands.

This is an RCA Radiola model RC1064. I can’t find an exact date on this one, but early 1950’s is for sure. I did repaint it because it was all scratched up. I though blue would give it more pazzaz.

This Philco, model 48-460 was made in 1949. It was commonly called “The Hippo”.


Here's a butterscotch catalin beauty made by Sentinel in 1946. It's a model 284-ni. Unfortunately, it has a crack between the dial and the grill on the left side. That's what made it affordable to me. It plays great with a super sensitive tuner pulling in distant stations with ease. Why don't they make radios like these anymore?

The picture doesn’t do this radio any justice at all. The swirling color doesn’t show up at all. This is a DeWald model A501 catalin radio in brown. It has one small chip above the dial and the dial glass is broken on the left side, which could be replaced. Otherwise, it’s in great shape. I found it for $8.00 at a flea market. Can’t complain. It was made in 1948.