This is a Sentinel ac and battery portable radio from 1946. This radio's tuner has great sensitivity and sounds terrific. I have two of these. One is in the museum.

Here's a Silvertone AC/DC portable. This is model 6861 and has a covered wood cabinet.

This Silvertone multiband radio was a competitor to the Zenith Transoceanic, although not as elaborate. It's a model 8224. Silvertone did make a more elaborate one called the Wayfarer. I don't have on of those, yet.

This is a Silvertone model 800 transistor portable battery set from the 60's. The case on this is mint. This radio is in the museum.

This is about a 1950 Silvertone model 225 portable AC/DC radio. This radio has a really good sensitive tuner and sounds pretty nice for a portable. This is my take with me radio.

This Silvertone Medalist is a portable 7 transister radio I had as a kid. So, I had to acquire one again. It was made around 1960.

Here's a Silvertone model 220 made in 1950. It's a portable AC/DC set in a nice maroon color. Mine has a few scratches, but it works well, as do most of my radios.

Wow! The condition of this Silvertone model 8270A is almost mint. It was made in 1949 and is a mostly metal cabinet with possibly bakelite side panels. My aunt had one of these and we used to carry it to the lake. It's a great sounding AC/DC set with a very sensitive tuner. I love this one.

This Silvertone model 3203 has a metal cabinet. It's an AC/DC portable set that was made in the mid 1940's. This one works well, but needs some cabinet work.

Here's an early portable AC/DC Silvertone model 7083 made about 1942. This one needs some restoration. I haven't got to it yet.

This is a vary rare Sky Chief Esquire from 1940. From what I can find, there were just 3 models made by Sky Chief and all were the same, just with updates, and all were made in 1940. This is an ac and battery portable set. This radio is in the museum.

This is a Zenith TransOceanic made in 1955, I believe. I was told every collector has to have at least one of these, so here's mine. One of them, anyway. This piece is in the museum.


This Zenith Transoceanic is a model B600 and looks just like the one above, because it is. So ya, now I have two of them. This one is at home.

This Zenith is a Transoceanic whannabe. This is the el-cheapo model L507 made in 1955 with AM and 2 shortwave bands. It has the on/off/volume, tuning, and band selector knobs, period. Works great though.

This red portable is a Motorola model 56L2. i don’t know what year this was made. It runs on batteries and AC. The handle is the antenna and it swivels for best AM reception.

What a great looking Motorola this is. And it’s in superb condition. This is model 68L11 made about 1950/51. The tuning dial is in the handle. The pointer is stationary, but the dial slides back and forth inside the handle. Now, that’s cool. Battery or AC.

Here’s a Bulova AM portable radio. It is printed on the radio “Bulova Watch Co.” Bulova apparently made a few models of radios. I don’t know when this one was made, but it’s one of a very few that I haven’t got working. They made better watches than radios, apparently.

Here’s a couple of transistor sets. They’re both pocket sized. I don’t know the model number of the GE, but the Sinclair is model 6001. They both work just fine.