This Silvertone is model 8080 in a bakelite cabinet. It has an AM radio with great sensitivity, picking up distant stations very well. This unit also sounds good. It has a 78 rpm record changer. Looks like a late 1940’s model.

This SIlvertone model 7080 has a nice wood cabinet. It uses a General Instruments 78 rpm record changer and has an AM radio. It’s in very nice shape and from the mid 1940’s

This is about a 1956 Silvertone model 7041 suitcase style record player with AM radio. It features dual speakers for decent portable sound and a nice smooth operating 4 speed record changer.

This one is a Philco model 10664A made in the late 1940’s. It has a wooden cabinet with an AM radio and 78 rpm slot loading record player. You pull down the front door and insert a 10 or 12 inch 78 rpm record and close the door. The tonearm goes down on the starting grooves of the record. When it reaches the end, it automatically shuts off. Opening the door lifts the tonearm and brings it back to the beginning. This unit is commonly called the “Bing Crosby” because “Bing” was in an ad for this model.

This Admiral is about a 1947 model. It’s in a bakelite cabinet, has an AM radio, and 78 rpm record changer. Sounds good considering the small speaker it has.