This Silvertone tape recorder was made in 1961. I bought this one because I had this exact same model as a kid and got mine new in 1961. This one is a little rough around the edges, but inside it's nice and all functions work as they should.

Here's a top of the line Akai M-8 tape recorder that was made between 1964 and 1967. This was a lucky find. It was in my local Good Will store for $40. I got it $30. I brought it home and plugged it in. Everything works great, so I've been using it. It came with it's two speakers, each containing a 10" woofer and 4" tweeter. It also had the extra capstan attachment and idler wheel for speeds 7 1/2 and 15 ips. It's great that these extra parts weren't lost at some point.

Here's another old tube type tape recorder from the early to mid 60's. This one is an Ampex. I can't find a model number on it. It's in great condition and works very well. Just one problem, I believe this is a two track recorder, so I can't play most of my 4 track tapes on it, just the mono ones. Otherwise, one track plays in reverse.

This is a Teac A6010 that I bought new in 1970. It was between this and an Akai, the Teac won and I never regreted it. This tape deck is still working well today. It has auto reverse signaled by an audio tone you recorded on the tape. I have all the accessories, including the wired remote control.

I found this Wilcox Gay (below), model 750 tape recorder at a small flea market in MA for about $10.00. It’s in great condition and only needed new filter caps to work 100%.