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Natasha Deane first played the dulcimer as a college student in New England and rediscovered it when she moved to Nashville. One of the special things Natasha brings to the Nashville Dulcimer Quartet is the sound of the bowed dulcimer. She bows both the traditional dulcimer and the Tennessee Music Box to create a unique and haunting sound.

Natasha is a gifted cancer research specialist at Vanderbilt Medical Center and is currently involved in a new study combining traditional research techniques and radiology. Husband John is CEO of Southwind Health Partners, a medical consulting business which he founded in 1999.

Daughters Alexandra and Nicole are quite talented as well. Alexandra plays the dulcimer and the fiddle, and Nicole is an accomplished actress and singer and occasionally accompanies herself on the dulcimer.

Natasha isn't the only talented dulcimer player in the Deane family. Three generations of Deanes (Natasha, mother-in-law Betty, and daughters Nicole and Alexandra) can be heard playing together. They are pictured here at Grand Old Dulcimer Day 2000.