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Schnaufer Model dulcimers and David's recordings

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Remembering David Schnaufer

David's collection of vintage dulcimers was donated to the Tennessee State Museum where the instruments will be preserved and shared. The following links will take you to panels, prepared by Zada Law for the State Museum as exhibit panels. They celebrate parts of David's life in a special way.

The Schnaufer Collection Dulcimer Player Extraordinaire
Dulcimer Collector Dulcimer Professor
Reviving the Music Box What is a Tennessee Music Box?
Tradition Continues

Excerpt from a Presentation on the Tennessee Music Box David brought this instrument from obscurity. He made it relevant in today's music while still preserving its history and traditions.

Appalachian Celebration Concert, Part 1
Appalachian Celebration Concert, Part 2
A tribute to David Schnaufer, Blair School of Music, April 14, 2007

David brought the Grand Old Dulcimer Club together with wax cylinder recording enthusiast and expert Martin Fisher, and magic happened. WAX is a documentary which recorded the events of that exciting evening!
The Nashville Nobody Knows Presents David Schnaufer and the Nashville Dulcimer Quartet
Join David and the NDQ for a special evening of music and conversation.
David Schnaufer/Butch Baldassari on WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour
Take this link to the archive section of the WoodSongs site for the program with Butch, David and the Peasall Sisters. Click on #377

Dulcimers For David
A program which provides dulcimers for children.

New Harmonies
is a traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian which celebrates American Roots Music. When you enter the exhibit, you first see the Appalachian area, and David is right there, playing his Galax dulcimer. For a view of the entrance to the exhibit and a link to the Smithsonian's website, click on the New Harmonies link above.