Music is Good Medicine!

There are many opportunities for sharing your music. Linda Sack and Sandy Conatser have been playing for the heart transplant patients at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. You can read here about their experiences.

Tennessee Music Box

A unique dulcimer developed in southern Middle Tennessee over 200 years ago. You can read a little about the history of this instrument in an article which David and Sandy wrote for the Tennessee Folklore Journal in 1998. It is reprinted here by permission. More than 50 of these instruments have been located, many of them still in their original families. Many of them are playable, including a courting music box which Ellis Truett located this year!

Nashville Dulcimer Quartet

Four part arrangements of classical and traditional tunes come to life on the dulcimers of the Nashville Dulcimer Quartet. The quartet studies with David Schnaufer at Vanderbilt University's Blair School of Music. Combining bass, baritone and traditional dulcimers, the quartet generates its own special sound.

Grand Old Dulcimer Club

A growing group of over 40 members, the club meets monthly to share music and friendship. Visit the club site to learn more about Grand Old Dulcimer Day!!